The HOTTEST Colors for Summer Vibes

The HOTTEST Colors for Summer Vibes

Posted by ENC on 13th Jun 2023

Summer is coming in HOT!
It's time to let your nails reflect the sunny and vibrant spirit of the season! From bold and bright hues to pastel shades reminiscent of beachside bliss, warmth of the sun, and colorful of nature in summer. Let's explore the hottest colors of the season, providing you with endless inspiration for your next manicure to embrace the vibes!

 OPI - Summer Make the Rule 2023

The collection express summer vibes that evoke the natural elements of the beach, from the sand and sea to the sun and sky. Create your style with this bright, bold, and carefree summer colors. The combination of pink hue, yellow-peach, periwinkle to lavender and teal colors create endless possibility of summer fun colors on your nails.

Gelish and Morgan Taylor
Dive in undersea adventure with Splash of Color 2023 collection in collaboration with Disney The Little Mermaid. The sense of vibrancy, joyful and playful colors of undersea life are reflected on this collection, peach coral, aqua teal, soft yellow, light lavender, fuchsia and fiery tangerine.

CND Bizarre Beauty 2023 Collection

(Coming Soon!)
Embraces unconventional combinations and celebrates the joy of color with these bold and whimsical collection. Don't be afraid to experiment vibrant, unconventional hue with sense of playfulness and let your imagination run wild. 

We selectively shake some gel or nail polishes before sending them out. We use a special nail polish shaker to shake and make the formula blend well like magic. That's one way to show we care!