Esther's Reward Program

Esther's Nail Center Reward Program

how Esther's reward progrm works


What is Esther's Nail Center Rewards?

Esther's Nail Center Reward or Esther's Reward Program is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Esther's Nail Center. As a member, you'll be rewarded by doing things you have been doing such as shopping, sharing your purchase through social media, and referring other customers. The program is free; simply shop like you always do — and get rewarded for it. 

How does it work?

When shopping online, be sure to login to your account at before you check out. Then your purchases will automatically be rewarded with ENC points to your member account. You must create an account first by clicking "Join Now" or "Sign In" button. 

How does the points system work?

Earn more ENC Points for different actions, and turn those ENC Points into awesome rewards. Below describes the way you earn your points. Please note that we may change the numbers anytime without notice.

  • 4 ENC Points for every $1 spent
  • 100 ENC Points just for celebrating your birthday (must enter your birthday in your profile)
  • 30 ENC Points when you share on Facebook
  • 30 ENC Points when you Like on Facebook or Follow on Instragram (@esthersnc_com)
  • 30 ENC Points when you join the program or create an account.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

No — enrollment in the Esther's Reward program is FREE.

How do I redeem my points?

You can start redeeming when you have at least 100 available points with 100 ENC Points is equal to $1 discount coupon. You can earn $1.00 off your order for every 100 points redeemed. 

First log into your account. Then click on the launcher (a little reward icon on the bottom right corner) to open the rewards panel. Next, click on Ways To Redeem. If you have enough ENC points, there will be a Redeem button. Check out this video on how to redeem the points


What's Esther's Nail Center Referral Program?

Esther's Nail Center Referral Program

Earn $5 off on your next order every time you refer your friend. When your friend makes the first purchase, you'll earn the reward. There's no limit on how many time you can refer people, so share the good news and get rewarded!


How does the referral system work?


There's minimum order of $35 on each transaction. This is the how the referral program flows:

  • On our website, you need to login into your account. In the reward panel (click the Reward icon on the bottom right corner), you will see your referral URL link, which can be sent to friends by Facebook or Email.
  • When a friend clicks on the link, she should see a prompt to enter her email address. After entering her email address, the 'Friend' reward will be sent to her via email.
  • From the email, your friend will be able to copy the coupon code and use it in an order.
  • If your friend then goes on to make her first purchase, you will get your reward.


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