Gelish Splash of Color Summer 2023 Collection (Multiple choice)


Introducing Gelish Splash Of Color Summer 2023 Collection. This season, prepare yourself to jump into the deep undersea adventure with the lavish shades in celebration of Disney's film The Little Mermaid! Size is 15ml/.5 fl oz each bottle. Made in the USA. Display box is not included.

Enjoy these 6 NEW shades:

Corally Invited – Peach coral crème
Let's Crab A Bite – Fiery tangerine pearl
• You Octopi My Heart – Fuchsia crème
Ride The Wave – Aqua teal glitter
Tail Me About It – Light lavender shimmer
All Sands On Deck– Soft yellow pearl

CURING TIME LED 18G  LED 5-45  UV Light* 
 Foundation  5 Sec  45 Sec  1 Min
 Colors  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Top It Off  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 PolyGel  30 Sec for Natural Clear & Pinks /60 Sec for Whites

* Recommended curing times are based on a 36-watt UV Lamp. Increase cure times if using other lamps.