Most Popular CND Shellac Colors and Swatches

Most Popular CND Shellac Colors and Swatches

Posted by Thresa Sulistio on 9th Sep 2022

Ever since CND Shellac was released, it has grown its shades collection to over 170 this summer 2022. The collection offers wide range of colors from white to dark providing suitable choices for every season in life.

Some core colors are still there and some are not. So let's take a look at some CND Shellac popular colors and color swatches.

Popular colors of CND Shellac

It's hard to pinpoint to just one most popular color as over the years there are some Shellac shades that have become must-haves. The colors below are the most popular based on Esther's Nail Center best selling Shellac colors in the past 2 years (not in order). See if your fave color made the list.

  1. Studio White
  2. Romantique
  3. Cream Puff
  4. Field Fox
  5. Negligee
  6. Black Pool
  7. Beau
  8. Silver VIP Status
  9. Bouquet
  10. Married to Mauve
  11. Wildfire
  12. Magical Topiary
  13. Satin Slippers
  14. Creekside
  15. Taffy

Discontinued colors

There are also some colors that we regret to say good bye to. Those includes but not limited to:

  • Get Nauti (too bad!!)
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Water Park
  • Lust Tropic
  • Forever Yours
  • Grape Gum
  • Museum Meet Cute (they should make more of this!!)
  • Leather Satchel
  • Hand Fired
  • Pretty Poison
  • Future Fuchsia
  • Poison Plum
  • Veiled
  • Faux Fur
  • Down by the Bae (hate to say good bye to)
  • Azure Wish

CND Color Chart

As we said before CND Shellac has over 170 colors as of Summer 2022, including the Fall 2022 collection. Click the photo below for the complete color chart.

Shellac color chart

CND Swatches

It's very helpful to be able to see and compare CND Shellac swatches. For that please head to our CND Shellac color swatches. We tried hard to bring the closest photos possible to the real colors. However, camera limitation to capture the real shades and finish, plus a different monitor setting may slightly change how the colors look on your screen. This swatch should be a rough estimate on how the polish looks.