Gelish Soft Gel System

Gelish Soft Gel System

Posted by Thresa sulistio on 19th Feb 2021

Introducing Soft Gel system by Gelish, the maker of Gelish gel polish. Gelish Soft Gel is a system of applying pre-shaped full coverage soft gel tips quickly, combined with the light speed curing of Gelish Gel. You've never created nails with anything faster than this.

The system includes:

Why you need the system?

Gelish Soft Gel tips utilize a unique flexi-fit soft gel formula with a reinforced structure, giving you the ultimate in full cover tip applications. Ease of application and ease of wear combined to give you an application that can take as little as 20 minutes for a full 3 weeks of wear. Add length to your regular nails like a press-on, and are as strong and long-lasting as nail enhancements, but without the powder or the harsh chemicals.

Gelish Soft Gel Nails can last up to three weeks, depending on your natural nail growth. When you are ready to remove your extensions, all you have to do is use foil and acetone to soak them off until they’re ready to peel, like you would with gel polish removal. Plus, you can change colors as many as you want on top of your nail tips.

Check this video below on how to apply Gelish Soft Gel.