Nail Harmony Gelish 18g UNPLUGGED LED UV Lamp

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Gelish 18G Unplugged Professional Mobile LED Light. Whether moving from nail table to pedicure station or taking your skills on the road, you're ready to roam with the innovative Gelish® 18G UNPLUGGED™ Professional Mobile LED Light! Designed to outperform the rest, 18G UNPLUGGED™ is the first LG \ lithium battery powered LED light engineered using Gelish's® exclusive Intelligent Power Assist - advanced circuitry that eliminates inconsistent power levels when used in battery mode. 

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  • curing all five fingers and toes
  • 36 Watts of Power
  • Rechargeable - up to 75 services per charge
  • one year warranty (valid when registered upon purchase)
  • built-in handle
  • no slip pedicure friendly button
  • Comfort Cure™, SafeLight™ Technology
  • scratch and acetone resistant
  • magnetic removable tray
  • high intensity diamond reflectors
  • and a countdown feature.

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