Summer Flip Flop Nail Art Designs

One of the ways to "stay cool" during summer months is to wear cool flip-flops. This year flip-flops fashion is full of color and shine, so why should your toes be different. Pick a few bright polish colors to match your favorite flip-flops and add some rhinestones to the mix. Shining in the bright summer sun they will transform the simplest nail designs into a sparkly piece of art work.


Purple French Manicure

What you'll need:

Step by step instruction:

1. Some kinds of bright nail polish can easily discolor the surface of the nails. Apply a clear base coat, and then a coat or two of purple nail polish.

Summer Nail Art Design

2. Paint a modern angled French tip with white nail polish. Don't worry if the line is not straight - you can always fix it with the background color.

Summer Nail Art Design

3. On your big toe apply a row of light blue gems on the edge between two colors. On the smaller toes place one rhinestone in the corner of the nail.

Checkers Rhinestones


What you'll need:

1.After a clear base coat paint your toes bright orange. For better coverage and smoother surface apply a few thin coats rather that one thick gooey coat.

Summer Nail Polish Design

2.Hold brush vertical to the nail and add a stripe down the middle of each nail. Vertical stripes look flattering on wide nails making them appear skinnier.

Summer Nail Polish Design

3. With square rhinestones in two colors create a checkers pattern over the white stripe. Geometrical patterns always add a modern touch to the designs.


Summer Nail  Polish Design

Applying gems is not as difficult as you might think. If the base coat is already dry, use clear polish as a bonder. To secure the position of the stones apply a clear topcoat over the nail and reapply it after a few days. You will be surprised how long your designs last.


Source from Get beautiful and healthy feet with Toerrific nail art books.




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