Glitter Flakes Nail Art & How To

Let's talk about Glitter Flakes for nail art. Glitter flakes are as great for nail art as nail rhinestones. I choose the term flakes because they are bigger than the micro gltter, which has powdery texture.  They come in different sizes and colors so you need to know what you are buying. Some glitter flakes have iridescent tone and some are transparent.

Esther's Nail Center we have two different sizes of glitter flakes, dots nail glitter 1 mm individually or in a twelve-jar set and hexagon nail glitter 3mm in a 12-ct set. They can be used alone or together to create a dazzling nail art. 

Dots and Hexagon Nail Glitter Flakes


So, how to apply them?

First, apply a coat of your clear nail polish or top coat on the area where you want the glitter. Then, you can apply nail art glitter flakes by shaking/pouring over your nails or you can use dotting tool or small tweezer to arrange the flakes to form a design you want. Remember, to create a scattered design you can pour it over the nail and use dotting tool or tweezer to create a certain pattern.  Lightly touch the tip of a dotting tool on the wet top coat on your nail and then tap it on a glitter flake so it stay on the tip. Then put it on the still-wet top coat. Add another layer of top coat on the area when necessary. 

Here are some nail art designs that use glitter flakes, small and big. Aren't they pretty?

Glitter Flakes Nail Art

Dazzling nail art designs that's great for party. Source:

Glitter Hexagon Nail Art

Simple yet attractive design for daily nails. Source:

Do you know that you can also create your own glitter polish? Get any sheer nail polish or top coat that you no longer use. Use a piece of paper and make a small funnel. Use the funnel to add the glitters (one size, one type, or mix glitters) into the polish bottle. Close the polish and shake until it mixed well. And voila, you get yourself a glitter polish.

Glitter Top Coats