​OPI Gelcolor Power of Hue Summer 2022

​OPI Gelcolor Power of Hue Summer 2022

Posted by Thresa Sulistio on 5th May 2022

OPI's Summer 2022 is bright and bold. Just checked out the new collection from OPI, "Power of Hue". It offers 12 electrifying shades to express yourself, to be creative with colors. 

  1. Make Rainbows (green pastel)
  2. Mango For It (orange frost) 
  3. Pink BIG (darker pink) 
  4. Sky True to Yourself (lighter blue) 
  5. Sugar Crush It (light pink) 
  6. Sun-rise Up (pinky peach) 
  7. The Future Is You (light creamy brown) 
  8. Bee Unapologetic (yellow) 
  9. Go to Grape Lengths (purple) 
  10. Feel Bluetiful (darker blue/aqua) 
  11. Exercise your brights (bright pink) 
  12. Don’t wait. Create. (lighter purple/lilac)

Check out the colors swatch below and be tempted! Available at