Sunscreen for UV Light at Salon

Who guess that you need sunscreen not only for this summer weather but for protecting your nails from UV light at the nail salon?  According to a study in the April 2009 issue of Archives of Dermatology, there's real danger in the dryers most salons use to give nails that hard, smudge-proof finish.

The study examined two healthy, middle aged women with no history of skin cancer and little recreational UV exposure. Both had developed skin cancers on the top of their hands, and reported previous exposure to UV nail lights. Since the study was so small, further investigation is needed, but still, it's scary to those of us who indulge in regular manicures.

So what to do? Before gels, acrylics or polish are applied (but after you hands and feet have been washed and massaged), apply a liberal amount of physical sunscreen all over hands, nails and cuticles. Chemical sunscreen takes 20 minutes absorb and react with your skin before it can protect you from UV rays, so in a time pinch, physical blockers will work best.