4 Winter-Perfect Nail Shades

Dusty rose pink I just saw the photos of celebrities wearing these hot winter-shades on MSN Lifestyle and thought on how to get similar shades with Adoree Nail Polish. Here are the celebrities with their matching colors and how to replicate the shade with Adoree.

  • Kim Kardashian was a biker chic and wearing grey metallic color. To get this color,  just mix Adoree Pilgrim Haze #104 with Adoree Space Black #195, and adjust the mix to get the level of grey you like.
  • Nikki Reed's make-up artist applied on her nails two coats of a dusty rose polish and topped it with one layer of a softer ivory pink to create a delicate pink. To replicate this shade, use Adoree Lilac Pink #118 or Adoree Pink Pansy #201 as the dusty rose polish and Adoree Country Pink #142 as the ivory pink.
  • Whitney Port was spotted wearing blue nails. To get this color with a shimmer finish, use Adoree Harbour Blue #162.
  • And Ashlee Simpson with her bright red nails. If you've got fair skin and dark hair like Simpson, a scarlet shade has a sweet, Snow White-ish charm. To achieve this shade, get Adoree Scarlet #215, Adoree Heritage Red #145 for creamy finish or Adoree Rose Parade #210 for shimmer finish.
Now I'd like to know what your favorite winter shade. Feel free to leave me a comment.