Prom Nail Polish

Prom Nail Polish

Prom is where you want to be as attractive as possible. Here are some popular nail polish colors to get you even prettier for the big night.

Tip: To create pretty nails, try choosing a polish that is just slightly lighter or darker than your prom dress. The different shade will help your nails stand out more and give you a chic look.

Prom shimmery pink polish

Prom purple polish

prom gold polish
From left to right, Adoree Lilac Pink #118 (beautiful shimmery pink), Adoree Wild Orchid #106 (chrome pretty purple), Adoree Peanut Shell #123 (grand golden frost color)
prom glitter hot pink polish Prom frost pastel pink polish

prom glitter polish

From left to right, Adoree Peony #208 (charming with fine glitter, shimmery hot pink), Adoree Keepsake Rose #226 (most popular, dazzling frost pastel pink), Adoree Twinkling Night #151 (gold glitter coat - perfect on top of any polish)
Prom glitter pink polish prom blue polish

Prom glamour pink polish

From left to right, Adoree Rose Freeze #164 (cute glittery shimmery pink), Adoree Buckland Blue #101 (gorgeous blue chrome), Adoree Glamour Pink #228 (radiant glittery pink)


And now make your nails even alluring with new Adoree glitters and colors.


Adoree New Colors


Actually all the glitter colors look really great even when used by itself (need to apply few layers to increase the intensity). Because they are partly translucent they can be easily applied ON TOP of ANY other solid colors of your choice (be it pink, red , blue or other dark colors). Hint: use contrasting color. Be creative and watch your nail colors spring alive. They can transform your evening, prom or party to glitter and look glamorous and exciting. Now that will add something extra for you to talk about with your gals.

Three new Adoree colors

Shocking Red #238 (middle) look hot by itself in the day, but when applied on top with LIME LIGHT#239 (right), the gold glitter would transform your nails to look like party time and could also give a formality look for your evening to look glamorous. LIME LIGHT#239 is special because it has tiny gold strip and dust that helps to reflect light in many directions and that makes your nails look alive. Because it is partly translucent, it lets you see through the bottom colors. The gold glitter looks charming too with most other colors . Instead of gold Lime Light, another great choice would be to apply the ICE MIST#237 (left) on top of the Shocking Red or ANY DARK color to add dazzle to your nail color. (SH/0407)

Caution: All nail polishes look much more beautiful than their pictures !