How to do french manicure and pedicure

Do you want to have that neat, classic look of french manicure or pedicure without breaking the budget? Try this guide on how to do it yourself french manicure and pedicure. It's easy and you will be amazed by the result. Moreover, you can re-create your own french manicure and pedicure designs that are unique and attractive.

This guide is specifically for french pedicure. But the process is similar to french manicure.


What you need:

Step 1

Step 1 - Apply the natural pink polish Step 1 - Apply the natural pink

Start with a clear base coat. Then, apply the natural pink nail polish to even out the color of the nail and to give it a soft pink shade.

Step 2

Step 2 - Apply the french white tip Step 2 - Apply the white tip

For French pedicure tip, paint one steady stroke across the top of the nail with a loaded brush. Second way is to draw a strip by filling in little segments. Use French Manicure tip guide sticker for easier application.

Step 3

Step 3 - Apply the second pink layer Step 3 - Apply the second pink layer

Let French tip dry well. Apply a second layer of the natural pink polish over the entire nail to give it a more natural look.

Step 4

Step 4 - Apply the red dots Step 4 - Apply the red dots

This step is our favorite though it's optional. With a bright red polish, paint small dots with a dotting tool, along the inside edge of a French Manicure stripe. A new touch for traditional design!

The new touch for traditional french design The new touch for traditional design!

Some tips:

  1. As an alternative the red dots can be painted only on the big toes.You can also substitute red with any color of your choice.
  2. Make sure that a layer is dry before putting another layer on top of it. This will make the application lasts long and looks neat.
  3. Finish your manicure or pedicure with top coat for extra shine and protection.
  4. Create your own french line guide from masking tape or label. It's special for your nails only and cheap.
  5. For perfection, use a Q-Tip soaked in polish remover to remove the polish around the cuticle/nail and also to rub away the white polish until you find the nice french line you want.
  6. Enhance your design by changing the natural pink with other colors or applying nail decals or rhinestones.
    My tip for teenagers and women is when you're performing a french manicure it might get too fat which you probably don't want, so you should put some tape. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY. ~From Danica

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To do your french manicure or pedicure at home, check out these must-have items:

  1. French Manicure Tip Guide Stickers - Free Edge Guides makes it simple to give perfect french manicures every time.
  2. Polish Corrector Pen - No-mess application nail polish corrector pen. A perfect tool to tidy up a polished nail.
  3. French Nail Stickers - Create french manicure instantly with this sticker.