How To Design with Nail Art Tools and Brushes

How to design information with nail art tools and nail art brushes. Nail art step by step with nail art tools to create beautiful hand and toe nails designs.


First you need to know about nail art tools and nail art brushes. Using the right tool will help you tremendously in painting your design. 

If you want to paint... You may use this nail art kit How to
Dot Dotting tool, Toothpick, Nail Art by Adoree Dotting tool usually has 2 different-size heads. Just dip it in the nail polish while planning carefully on how thick your dot is gonna be. Adoree Nail Art has a very thin brush, so you can paint whatever easily.
Line, Swirl Nail Art by Adoree, Nail Art Striper Brush The striper brush is used to create intricate long vertical or horizonal lines. The width of the desired line is determined by the amount of paint applied to the bristle. The Adoree Nail Art's skinny brush also great for this.
Petal, Teardrop, Comma Adoree Nail Art, Nail Art Flat Brush, Nail Art Detail Brush Use nail art flat brush for wider stroke such as petal and teardrop. Put pressure on the top and stroke lightly down (see video below).
Marble Dotting tool, Marbleizer, Toothpick Paint 2 different colors side by side. Then stir the colors with the dotting tool in any way you like.
French Manicure Tip Nail Art by Adoree, Nail Art Pen, Nail Art Flat or Detail Brush, Regular Nail Polish Read the French Manicure How-To to know the basic of DIY French Manicure. To help you paint the French tip neatly, use french manicure nail guide sticker.

The easiest to learn is by watching this informative video about nail art basic strokes.

(If the video doesn't show, click here).


Nail Art Polish Vs. Nail Art Brush

Painting nail design often use more than one color at a time. Using nail art brush can be less costly because, by just having one brush and your stock of nail polishes, you can paint with many colors. But you need to clean the brush every time you want to switch colors. Therefore, it's suggested to have more than 1 brush at a time, so that switching colors would be easier. You may clean the brush with a regular nail polish remover or with the brush cleaner solution with a brush holder cup. The advantage using a brush holder is that you can position the brush so that the brush handle won't be submerged in the solution. In the mean time, Nail Art by Adoree polish will eliminates this cleaning steps between and after application, saving you extra time.


Ok, Let's Paint...

Let's start with something easy. Take a look at the simple design below.

Flower and stripes nail polish design

How to:

- First, paint the nail with a sheer white, such as Adoree #140 and 193, as the base.

- Using a dotting tool, paint a circle of red dots forming the petals. Add a touch of glitter dot in the center.

- With white Adoree Nail Art or a striper brush, paint white thin lines accross the nail bed.

Do you want some more? Ok, let's practice another one.

Sunny Toes Pedicure Idea Courtesy

Sunny toes

1. For this design you will need one light and one dark nail polish color. Choose yellow, white or orange for a sun shape. Any dark nail polish will work well for background.

2. After a clear base apply 1-2 coats of dark nail polish. Let it dry thoroughly.

3. Take your lighter polish and draw a half circle. You might need to add a second layer. Draw sun rays by adding smaller dots around the sun and then shaping them into the ovals. Cute and fun at the same time!

For more simple and advanced design ideas, please visit And if you have painted yours, please send us your photos. We'll publish them on the gallery, to be an inspiration to other people.