Crackle Nail Polish Tips & How-To

Crackle nail polish has become the must-have polish for any nail fans. It's been a while now but still popular. If you want to know the basic how-to apply or may be have problems in applying crackle polish. Keep reading.

Crackle Gold 24K Gold over dark polish

Photo above: Crackle Polish 24K Gold over dark polish.


Applying crackle nail polish is easy. If people find it difficult to use, maybe they don't know the trick and tips. Below are some crackle or shatter tips I found:

  • Choose 2 nail polish colors that really contrast for best result. One regular nail polish for the base and one crackle polish for upper layer. So choose base color that will go nicely with the top crackle polish. 
  • After applying the base polish, wait until it completely dries. It must be completely dry so the crackle polish can crack nicely.
  • Before applying, shake the crackle polish until it mixed well.
  • After applying, just wait and watch while the polish is doing its crackle magic. 
  • Usually crackle nail polish dries matte and chips easily. You need top coat to make it shine and long lasting.
  • For fine and small crackles, apply thin layer. And for bigger crackle, go thicker. Basically the thinner, the more cracks you have.

Alright I hope this is helpful so you can have fun with crackle or shatter nail polish. If you want to know where you can buy crackle nail polish, Esther's Nail Center has LaRosa Crackle Nail Polish for $5 a piece, with 18 colors and a crackle top coat. The most popular colors are black, white, gold and silver. Larosa crackle polish works great and cracks relatively fast. No need for other expensive brand shatter nail polish.

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