Base Coat Benefits

Do you know that a long-lasting nail polish application start with a base coat? Many of us do not know the real benefit of using base coat or may know but lazy or always in a rush while doing their manicure. Therefore, we tend to skip applying the base coat.


Adoree Base Coat with nail hardenersHere are some benefits of applying base coat before the nail polish:

  • Darker colored polish can stain your nail and cause nails to take on a yellow-ish color. While it is different for every person, this reaction can occur in a matter of days or within weeks of wearing the nail color. To prevent nails from yellowing, always use a base coat before polishing.

  • Wearing a base coat will help the polish to stick better on your nails. Thus, it will improve the durability of your nail polish application. Adoree base coats especially, are made in milky form to be able to fill the ridges and smoothen the nail bed.

  • Adoree base coats have hardeners that makes them different from the others. The hardeners will help to strengthen you natural nails. The base coat is also non-yellowing.

There are many kinds of base coats. For Adoree, there are 4 types of base coats that are formulated according to the condition of the nails - regular, thicken, strengthen and ridgefiller.  Adoree Regular Base Coat (as shown on the photo) is clear on the nails and can be used for all types of nail. Adoree Thicken is actually a nail treatment base coat for helping the natural nails grow a bit thicker. Adoree Strengthen is a nail treatment base coat for splitting, soft nails. It helps the natural nails grow stronger. And Adoree Ridgefiller is a base coat for nails that have ridges. It helps smoothen the nail beds, preparing for smoother nail polish application. For details about these base coat and nail treatments and how to use, visit our Nail Care section.
After cleaning your nail surface from the old nail color, apply the base coat. When applying base coat, color and top coat, let each coat dry first before applying the next coat. Base coat needs to be dry before applying color, otherwise it will chip. You may think this process will be time-consuming. But do not worry, we like our Adoree and base coats, which are fast dry, even without uv light.