3 Steps to Healthy and Beautiful Feet

The three easy steps to get healthy and beautiful feet with ingredients found around your house at the comfort of your home. Have some time, relax, and your feet will thank you.


Step 1 - Soak

Soaking Feet for PedicureSoaking feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes softens and relaxes them. To make soaking even more pleasant and effective you can add the following ingredients to the water:

  1. Epsom Salts will relieve tension and puffiness.
  2. Body oils or aromatherapy oils will be effective in softening the skin.
  3. Strong black tea used instead of plain water will help preventing smelly feet. The tannic acid in the tea kills bacteria and closes the pores, keeping the feet dry longer. Soak for 30 minutes for better results.

Adding soap to the water is not recommended as it dries the skin. For ultimately luxurious experience pamper your toes in a milk bath. The natural oils in milk will cleanse the feet and make them feel silky.

Step 2 - Scrub

Scrubbing Feet for PedicureThere's a wide range of products that can be used for scrubbing the feet to help getting rid of calluses and tough skin. Toe-rrific book offers some simple and natural ideas, which are as effective as expensive scrub mixes:

  1. You can make a homemade scrub by mixing oatmeal with water. Soft and smooth skin is guaranteed.
  2. To cut through the hard soles of the feet rub on a lemon or an orange. Simply cut them in half and use for scrubbing.
  3. Taking a walk on the sandy beach barefoot will naturally scrub your feet.

Be careful not to scrub away too much of the outer layer of the skin that protects your feet.

Step 3 - Sooth

Use Vitamin E and rub into nail bedYou can use any kind of hand or body lotion or oil to moisturize your feet.

  1. For an extra pampering before going to bed apply moisturizer liberally and slip a pair of socks. You'll wake up with happy and soft feet ready for a new day.
  2. Olive oil makes a great moisturizer and can be used just like regular skin lotion.
  3. For a special treatment for your nails apply some vitamin E and rub into the nail bed. This will help to heal dehydrated and split nails.

Some miscellaneous tips:

  1. Wearing cotton socks will let your feet breathe and will keep them from sweating.
  2. Putting some talcum powder in your shoes helps to soak up extra moisture.
  3. Always cut your toenails straight to avoid ingrown nails.
  4. Filing the nails always do it in one direction since sawing back and forth will weaken the nails and cause them to split.

And the most important tip - always have fun expressing your beautiful self with creative toenail designs.


Toerrific Nail Art Book

This tips is provided by Toe-rrific. Besides Pedicure advice and tips Toe-rrific book includes nineteen design sections with a total of 200 toenail styles for any color or occasion: prom, beach getaway, night on the town and many more. Visit Toerrific to learn more.

To do your pedicure at home, check out these must-have items:

  1. Pedicure Cotton Socks - Soft and comfy washable, cotton moisture enhancing socks.
  2. Nail Clipper with a Trapper - Pink Trapper Nail Clipper catches toe and finger nails clippings in a built-in "nail trap" below the clipper
  3. Sooo Smooth Callus Dissolver - Professional formula that breaks down calluses in 2-3 minutes so you can simply file or buff them away.
  4. Cuticle Oil - Moisturize and restore the softness of your cuticles.