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Gelish PolyGel Soft White

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Gelish PolyGel Soft White #1712002. Size is 2 oz each.

Not an acrylic, not a hard gel, patent-pending Gelish® PolyGel™ combines the best of both in a revolutionary all-in-one system that's undeniably better!

Years in development and extensively salon tested; users agree that Gelish® PolyGel™ delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails, that is odorless and with no airborne dust.

LIGHT: Salon clients won't know they're wearing enhancements.
STRONG: Stronger than hard gels for unstoppable nails.
SAFE : Monomer-free, 7-free, NO airborne dust.
EASY: Fast application, unlimited playtime, zero chasing.
FLAWLESS: Suited for everyone from students to experienced professionals.

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