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Gelish Morgan Taylor Fabulous Marilyn Monroe 2018 Duo Set (Choose Color)

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Gelish Morgan Taylor Forever Fabulous Marilyn Monroe Duo Set featuring 5 shades of the collection embody the spirit of all that is Marilyn Monroe. From The Camera Loves Me, a burgundy crème, to Diamonds Are My BFF, a fine silver glitter. All capture the vintage yet modern appeal of Marilyn Monroe. Whether you’re enjoying some boudoir time to stay out of the winter cold or glamming it up for a 2018 holiday party, every shade is divine. A Set comes with one Gelish and one Morgan Taylor Nail Liquor in matching colors.

May be shipped without the display box.

Enjoy these 12 NEW glamorous shades: 

  1. The Camera Loves Me #111032 - Burgundy creme

  2. Some Like It Red #1110332 - Mixed red and purple gliter

  3. Diamonds Are My BFF #1110334 - Fine silver glitter

  4. A Kiss From Marilyn #1110335 - Bright red creme

  5. She's A Natural #1110337 - Nude beige creme

Display box is not included. Size is 15ml/.5 fl oz each. Made in the USA. 

CURING TIME LED 18G  LED 5-45  UV Light* 
 Foundation  5 Sec  45 Sec  1 Min
 Colors  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Top It Off  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 PolyGel  30 Sec for Natural Clear & Pinks /60 Sec for Whites

* Recommended curing times are based on a 36-watt UV Lamp. Increase cure times if using other lamps.