CND Shellac Base and Top Coat Combo Duo Set 0.25oz

The CND Shellac Base and Top Duo Combo Set includes 1 CND Shellac Base Coat (0.25oz/7.3 mL) and 1 CND Shellac Top Coat (0.25oz/7.3 mL) in any combination. 
CND Shellac Gel Base Coat. It cures in just 10 seconds under an LED/UV lamp and provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system, anchoring Shellac Color Coat to the nail. Available in options such as Wear Extender and Original Base.
CND Shellac Gel Top Coat. A single layer of Shellac Gel Top Coat provides the durable, final coat and seals the deal with a mirror-like finish. Apply as the last layer after the shellac color coat. Available in options such as Duraforce, Xpress, and Original Top.