CND Plexigel Shaper Kit


CND Plexigel Shaper Kit Set. Great value compared to buy individually. Retail box may not be included in the shipment.

What's in the set?

  1. CND Plexigel Bonder 0.5 oz/15ml
  2. CND Plexigel Shaper 0.5 oz/15ml
  3. CND Plexigel Top Coat Protector 0.5oz/15ml
  4. CND Shellac Gel Polish Wildfire .25oz
  5. CND Shellac Top Coat .25oz


NEW in 2021! CND PLEXIGEL™ is a brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system that provides up to 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape. It can be used to save cracked nails, repair broken nails, plump and shape flat nails and create customized-length nails. The system has 4 components: Bonder, Shaper, Builder and Top Coat Protector. Easy rebalance and removal for nail professionals. Fully compatible with CND Shellac and Vinylux. Buy them individually or in a kit. 

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