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Hello Kitty Nail Stickers (Choose Design)

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Hello Kitty Nail Sticker is a popular option to make Hello Kitty Nail Art design. Easy to apply, just peel and stick to your nail. Comes with multicolor glitters over each sticker making it more attractive. Choose from many cute Hello Kitty nail art designs, black and white, and the super fun glow in the dark Hello Kitty water stickers. Click to enlarge picture. Pay special attention to the number associated with the sticker. Note, the black and white one doesn't have glitters.

Please note that the Glow In the Dark sticker are water transfer, so you need water to apply it. Read instructions below.

Instructions for nail sticker: 

  1. Clean the nails with nail cleanser.
  2. Select your choice of sticker. 
  3. Place and press the sticker on the nail bed. 
  4. Apply top coat to seal the nail art. 

Instructions for water stickers:

  1. Clean the nails with nail cleanser.
  2. Apply nail polish as a background. Wait until it dry.
  3. Select your choice of sticker nad cut it out. Remove the film from it.
  4. Place it into water 10-20 seconds. Use warm water in winter. It does not matter if you place it face-down or face-up.
  5. Moisten the fingernail. Place the sticker in position. 
  6. Let's wait for 1 or 2 minutes to let the sticker fully set.
  7. Dry nail with paper towel.
  8. Apply top coat to seal the nail art.