180/240 Tropical Shine Nail File


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Tropical Shine Colossal Files provide a great grip and large surface area on the file. This cushioned nail file is washable and disinfectable. Medium coarse 180 grit and fine 240. Size: 8 1/2" x 1".  

Tips: For natural nails, a fine-grit (240) cushion file is gentle yet effective. Basically, the higher the grit number, the smoother the file. Avoid metal files as they are harsh and can even split nails.

  • Coarse files (80-100 grit) are best for acrylic nail.
  • Medium files (180 grit) are best to shape extensions of medium thickness, like most tips and wraps, and to shape the free edge of toenails.
  • Fine files (240-600 grit) are best for removing small bumps, ridges or discolorations on nail bed and for shaping the free edge of natural nails.
  • Ultra fine files (600-2400 grit) are used for buffing and shining all types of nails. Files come in a variety of materials including padded cushion files, glass, mylar and ceramic.