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Gelish The Thrill Of The Chill 2017 Collection (Choose Color)

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Introducing Gelish Collection for Holiday 2017, the Gelish The Thrill Of The Chill 2017 Collection. The collection also features a gold special effect glitter that can be worn alone or as an overlay on top of any of the collection shades for an even more festive look!

Explore these six NEW gorgeous shades:

  • Angling For A Kiss #1110280
  • Let's Kiss And Warm Up #1110281
  • Don't Let The Frost Bite #1110282
  • Caviar On Ice #1110283
  • My Main Freeze #1110284
  • Ice Cold Gold (Special Effects Glitter) #1110285

Size is 15ml/.5 fl oz each. Made in the USA. 

CURING TIME LED 18G  LED 5-45  UV Light* 
 Foundation  5 Sec  45 Sec  1 Min
 Colors  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Top It Off  20 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Structure  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min

* Recommended curing times are based on a 36-watt UV Lamp. Increase cure times if using other lamps.

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