Gelish Selfie Summer 2017 Collection (Choose Color)

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Gelish introduces Selfie Summer 2017 Collection. Get ready to snap and share those summer moments. This collection is filled with neon corals, pinks and purples; you'll need sunglasses to stare! Summer is all about fun in the sun and capturing every moment with your phone. We'll help you nail that manicure so you can nail the ultimate shot!

The Gelish Selfie shades includes:

  • All About The Pout – Light Coral Creme
  • Me, Myself-ie, And I – Coral Neon Shimmer
  • Pretty As A Pink-ture – Pink Neon
  • Woke Up This Way – Electric Fuchsia Neon
  • Best Face Forward – Purple Neon
  • No Filter Needed – Blue Neon

Size is 15ml/.5 fl oz each. Made in the USA. Display is not included. 

CURING TIME LED 18G  LED 5-45  UV Light* 
 Foundation  5 Sec  45 Sec  1 Min
 Colors  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Top It Off  20 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min
 Structure  30 Sec  45 Sec  2 Min

* Recommended curing times are based on a 36-watt UV Lamp. Increase cure times if using other lamps.